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Customer Protect Warranty

Customer Protect offer a range of straightforward guarantees, currently supplied to over 3,000 independent UK dealerships.

Abbey Garage use Customer Protect

Most of us will be aware of the strain day-to-day usage places on a vehicle. This includes suffering a breakdown at the side of the road or simply just wanting to keep their vehicle in showroom condition.

It’s impossible for Abbey Garage to guarantee that the car will never suffer from a breakdown, Customer Protect warranties provide protection designed to mitigate the costs associated with vehicle repairs large and small either of which can cause significant disruption to your plans and your wallet.

Since 2004, Abbey Garage as well as over 3000+ dealers in the UK have chosen to provide Customer Protect warranties when selling a used vehicle because we know Customer protect have award-winning products created by a trusted brand.

With increases in insurance premiums and rising fuel costs, car ownership is becoming more and more expensive. Plus, with maintenance and repairs crucial to the preservation of performance and resale value, keeping mobile doesn’t come cheap. With a Customer Protect warranty, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be protected, potentially saving you hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds.

When you purchase a car from Abbey Garage you will leave with a 6-month Silver-Plus Auto Protect Warranty. Extended parts covered, 3-48 month cover available, optional cover – turbo charger, four-wheel drive, air con’, abs.

This warranty can be used at any reputable UK garage. If you need to use it make sure you Call Customer Protect first, before any work is done. However, the BEST option should you have issues is to simply give us a call, and we will take care of you and your car.

If you have questions please do call the office on 01271 268 013